Sensitive All-in-1 Wash

I have been using the Sensitive Wash for a while. The best cleanser ever… Cleans hair squeaky clean and makes my skin feel great. Thank you for your amazing products.


Cuticle Oil

I thought you would like to get a little feedback from your cuticle oil. I can see a difference in my nails since I am using it. I am not sure if you can see on my nails but there is actually a bump where the new nail is growing. I can’t wait to see how the nail looks once it has completely grown out.


Tea Tree Cream Review

I would recommend all Africa Secret products but my favorite product is the Tea tree cream. I use the tea tree cream for everything.

Charlene Poole Petersen

Rooibos All-In-One wash Review

I LOVE the All-in-1 Wash!! I use it every single night. I have an auto-immune condition called ‘Grannuloma Annulare’, I find it soothing, cleansing and Hydrating


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