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  • Acne Oil

    100% natural. Prevents acne scars, reduces inflammation, unclogs pores, treats breakouts. anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, antimicrobial For: Teens, tweens, adults, face and body acne, ‘maskne’/mask acne Additional Info: After cleansing, apply Acne Treatment to affected areas. Leave on overnight. Can … Read More

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  • Geometric pattern Tote bag – SOLD OUT!

    Save the environment by using our tote bags whenever possible, instead of packets. Folds up to keep in your handbag or cubby hole. Perfect addition to any gift. Made in Cape Town from quality fabric. Black back (check patterns available) … Read More

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  • 15ml PMS Relief Oil – Out of Stock!

    This blend of ingredients is known to help balance hormones, reduce tension, headaches, abdominal cramps, bloating, tender breasts, nausea and stress related to female hormonal imbalance. Applications: Using slow, circular motions, massage into lower abdomen – add a warm compress … Read More

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  • 50ml Hand & Surface Sanitiser Spray

    Kills 99.9% of germs. 70% alcohol. Antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic. For sanitising hands and surfaces. Infused with Lemon Tea Tree plant extracts for added protection and uplifting natural scent. Uses: Effective hand sanitiser when no access to soap & water. … Read More

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  • Fabric Face mask – grey SOLD OUT!

    3 layers. Made in Cape Town. Breathable, washable, heat-resistant, reusable. General use fabric masks – not for medical use. Reduces the risk of the wearer spreading viruses. Reduces inhalation of droplets spread by others. Assists in preventing transmission, but not … Read More

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  • Hand & Surface Sanitiser in glass – SOLD OUT!

    Kills a road spectrum of microbes. 70% alcohol base. Infused with plant extracts. Antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic. Antiviral. Combats odours. Uses: Effective hand sanitiser when no access to soap & water. Surface sanitiser: spray onto cloth/tissue then wipe surface to sanitise: … Read More

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  • 10ml Acne Oil

    Prevents acne scars, reduces inflammation, unclogs pores, antibacterial

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