Suggested use: Take one capsule with each meal and a 125 ml glass of water for maximum benefit.

Digestive enzymes – derived from live food – have been described as the labour force that builds the body. They act as catalysts in virtually all the body’s biochemical activities, aiding digestion, stimulating the brain, providing cellular energy and repairing tissues, organs and cells. Many are concerned with digestion, though most act specifically, performing just one function, for example, amylase – the starch splitting enzyme which can break down 20 000 times its own volume of starch in just half an hour.

There are two types of enzymes – metabolic enzymes made from the body and digestive enzymes derived from live food. If you don’t eat foods containing enzymes, your body uses metabolic enzymes, depleting your reserves and causing your body to run down. While raw juices and fresh foods are full of enzymes, they are destroyed by food processing, particularly by heat. Drying or dehydrating causes a 2-5% enzyme loss, freezing – a 5-30% loss, steaming – a 15-60% loss, cooking a 40-100% loss and micro waving – an 80-100% loss.

Digestive disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, joint pains and inflammation, improves nutrient absorption,

365 mg of spectrum plant enzymes derived from sprouted barley, lupin, soybeans and fenugreek
75 mg of formula ‘GR8CF-77’ enzyme booster

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